"It didn't feel right to call myself that anymore, but when I think about it the name fits."
"Where did the idea come from?"

"It's an old word for Moon....when I had no more light of my own, he gave me some of his."

--Luna to Terra in "Old Friends, New Problems"
Luna is a paradoxical iteration of the Keyblade Master, Aqua. Resurrected from the dead by Nova Isaac and accidentally transformed into a Light Arbiter, she has since joined the struggle for the realm following the brief escapades in the Chapter of Chaos. She was unable to avert the demise of Ventus following the conclusion of her story arc, choosing to join the Heroes in an effort to undo the terrible circumstances plaguing the world. Her role in the events to follow remains to be seen.

History Edit

Luna had been previously born to an unnamed woman, given the mononym Aqua which she kept up until her untimely demise. Aqua grew up in the monastic Keyblade Order, raised by Master Eraqus alongside her close friend Terra. The two of them both trained under the former's tutelage to become fully fledged Keyblade Masters. At some point during her adolescence she would encounter a younger boy named Ventus, brought to the Order by another Keyblade Master. Both herself and Terra befriended the lad, with Aqua spending her days by his bedside when unrelated circumstances plunged the child into a brief comatose state.

Many years later Aqua would undertake the Mark of Mastery alongside her fellow pupil, Terra. Between the two of them she alone would succeed, Terra's inner darkness making him an unsuitable Master in the eyes of his teacher. Despite this he would still embark on a quest along with Aqua to uncover the circumstances behind a strange horde of monsters infesting the realm, the two of them being entrusted to preserve the delicate balance of peace by engaging in this mission. Prior to their departure Ventus is prompted to run away from home for unknown reasons, Aqua is resolved to find him and bring him home safely as a result.

Aqua departs from the Keyblade Order to begin her quest, uncovering several instances of these monsters in her travels. Defeating them with her power over the mystical Keyblade, she continues to investigate the mysterious "Unversed". Eventually Aqua would stumble upon a virulent substance deep in the wooded trails beyond a village, unaware of the substances true nature and role in the state of the world. When she fails to uncover the source of wanton destruction in the forest, her travels instead take her to a small mining settlement beyond the woods. There she encountered a woman named Briar and her young ward Sybil, unbeknownst to the Keyblade Master, these two were playing a pivotal role of their own, having traveled through time to investigate the curious happenings in the world. Also unknown to her were two more agents working with this pair, delving deep into the mines to purge more of this mutagenic substance. Of the two adventurers, Nova Isaac is successfully able to purify the tunnels below, inadvertently triggering a volatile reaction with his own Light Energy which ejects himself and Nixon onto the surface with destructive haste.

Aqua is one of the first to climb to her feet, witnessing Isaac's bizarre entrance as she challenges Briar and Nixon, attempting to learn how they already know her name. The two of them do their best to evade her line of questioning, mindful of the possible consequences should Aqua learn of her fate in the future. Unsatisfied with their obscure response, Aqua relents nevertheless, seemingly convinced that these strangers are trustworthy in some capacity. For his part Nova Isaac is dumbstruck, having lost his capacity for coherent thought or speech from their first encounter, much to Briar's amusement. Before Aqua can learn if he is alright however, the Unversed attack the townsfolk in their homes not far from the mines. Nova Isaac gratefully seizes the interruption, Aqua following close behind as the unlikely forces team up to stave off the terrible Unversed menace. By the time they arrive however the threat is considerably greater than anyone could have predicted.

Instead of Unversed, the Heroes are greeted by a monstrous apparition closely resembling the original Isaac Sterling. The malevolent lookalike immediately engages the party, seemingly able to remember Aqua and Briar both, despite it's mostly incoherent frustration. The creature would succumb in battle, but not before employing a variety of deadly Phazon powers and the ability to seemingly freeze time. The wrathful dragon flees the scene having damaged the village considerably, prompting Aqua to spring into action and tend to the wounded. After witnessing Nova Isaac accidentally overloading an infected farmer with Light Energy, she quickly loses her temper, exploding on the unpracticed Arbiter for his supposed carelessness. Isaac flees from the village in his draconic form despite Briar's insistence on his innocence. After tending to the village, Aqua reunites with Terra and Ventus, setting out to investigate a commotion in the woods to the East.

Arriving in time to have missed the confrontation, Aqua and the Heroes find Nova Isaac alone and severely wounded in a ravaged clearing of the forest. He confesses to have encountered an old man and a boy in a mask, learning of their involvement with the Unversed and attempting to strike them down on his own, displaying the old Keyblade Master's arm as a gruesome trophy, much to Aqua's dismay. The Heroes help the invalid Isaac back to nearby village from the grove, electing to hunker down in order to assess the extent of his injuries. Sequestering themselves in a halfway house on the edge of the village, Aqua tends to Isaac's wounds as the only healer in the party, much to his anxiety on the subject. For her part Aqua mostly maintains her characteristic reserve, able to conceal how easily this carefree mercenary is managing to fluster her. With the imminent threat of further harm lifted from Isaac, Aqua agrees to stay on with Terra and Ventus to keep him from opening his wounds, while Briar and Nixon embark on a journey to recover a Devil Fruit from a neighboring province.

Still posted up at the halfway house, Aqua watches over Isaac. Probing the wounded Arbiter for some tidbits of information about himself and the others, to her surprise however he opts to engage in topics about her, his easy demeanor having recovered from their first brush with one another. After a spell however the village comes under siege, attacked by the same apparition they encountered from the previous settlement, aptly named The Rage. Aqua attempts to drive the monster back with the likes of Terra and Ventus, unable to prevail due to the creature's incredible regenerative abilities. What ensues is a long and brutal engagement resulting in Terra's death, Aqua reels with anger and remorse, struggling against the odds to save Ventus from suffering a similar fate. At this point Nova Isaac attempts to defeat his lookalike, exacerbating his previous wounds and enduring new, intense injuries to protect the two of them. Aqua watches in horror as Isaac is struck down followed shortly by Ventus, being the last of The Rage's victims as it crushes her underfoot with it's massive, beastly transformation before leaving the four of them in the wake of it's insatiable wrath and disappearing on the heels of an impending storm.

Aqua's corpse remains in the ruins of the halfway house beside the others, discovered by Briar and Nixon a short period later. With the newly empowered Arbiter able to revive Terra and Isaac, Aqua is brought back from the dead by a despondent Isaac, the grief laden Arbiter using a previously unseen ability as he kisses her, breathing life into the shattered girl's body. Aqua, now forged anew into an Arbiter of Light, regained consciousness in time to grieve over Ventus's still body. With the storm overhead dispersing, she wallowed for a spell in her anguish, kept afloat by the shell shocked Isaac and his embrace. Eventually they would recover from the site of the battle and bury Ventus, this marked the closing of Aqua's life for the Keyblade Master. Abandoning her name and setting out to undo the chaos bringing the word to heel.

Personality Edit

Luna is a compassionate, brave young woman, imbued with as much honor and kindness as she possessed in her life before death. As Aqua she demonstrated the qualities that best encompass a true wielder of the Keyblade, arguably being the only pupil to successfully carry out Master Eraqus's particular brand of zealotry against darkness, without being destroyed by imbalance in the process. She possesses a general disdain for violence where it has no bearing, choosing to engage her enemies only when there are no negotiations to be had. Her concern is always with innocent life first and foremost on the battlefield, often mindful of bystanders and more inclined to dissuade wicked entities from harming them, intentionally or otherwise. Her protective nature was perhaps most easily witnessed in her interactions with Ventus prior to his destruction, Luna adopting an almost motherly role with the boy that often seemed to border on smothering. Although she had no illusions about his capabilities in combat as a fellow Keyblade Wielder, Luna would often dote on Ventus and encourage him to avoid violent encounters. She would furthermore exhibit general terror and disdain during many of Ventus and Nova Isaac's interactions, disapproving of the reckless and dangerous shenanigans the latter would often instigate.

Since her reanimation into an Arbiter of Light, Luna has undergone a less drastic shift in personality than most, retaining much of her original personality. Despite this Luna still has proven quicker to anger than Aqua on many occasions, especially when confronted with those she feels are her mortal enemies, such as Master Xehanort and The Rage. Her temper often provokes her to acts of violence against malicious entities with little regard for how they might retaliate, though this may be the result of her time spent in the company of Briar as much as anything. Wanton frustrations aside, she still remains one of the more level headed Heroes in the present roster. Inclined to give careful consideration to her actions provided she has the time to do so. Her nature as a person leaves her much more reserved than the other Deciders, touting the virtues of modesty and composure if one is to exclude the occasional outburst. Like Aqua, she is easily started and driven to astonishment by the variety of nonsensical actions the Players often perform in and out of combat.

Despite her relatively recent inclusion into the fold of Heroes, Luna has become fast friends with Briar and Nixon, retaining her strong bond with Terra given his survival and inclusion as well. She has on numerous incidents demonstrated a fondness for children as well, having a good rapport with the young Sybil. Her relationship with Nova Isaac however has proven to be more turbulent, a veritable mess of desire and emotions which swirled with the consistency of water and oil. As Aqua she displayed about as much fondness for his presence as her original iteration, viewing him as a monster, albeit a much less repulsive one given the stark contrast between Phazon and Light Energy. Her reservations persisted as they continued their adventure, disapproving of his reckless attitude in battle and nonchalant mannerisms in conversations. The two eventually shared private moments together over his severe injuries, giving Luna a glimpse of the sincerity that briefly shone through the smarmy soldier turned terrorist. It could arguably be the military man in him that awakened her affections, Isaac proving himself to be more of a righteous defender than his true iteration ever was.

Luna retains much of her shy and hesitant tendencies from a life spent in training, having far more inhibitions on the topics of romance and sexuality than one would expect from a young woman her age. While not ignorant by any means on the particulars, she continued to view things of this nature as a generally taboo medium. Expressing intense mollification and discomfort when Briar encouraged her to engage Nova Isaac in a private setting, despite being caught red handed in the act of spying on him in a state of undress. She also seems to disapprove of firearms and their usage, the irony of this sentiment seemingly plain to everyone besides the Keyblade Master, considering the immense destructive power of her own weapon. She actively discouraged Nova Isaac from instructing Ventus on the use of guns on several occasions, evidently terrified the young boy would suffer from an accident while interacting with these instruments.

Appearance Edit

Luna stands at roughly the same height as Aqua unsurprisingly, a girl of 5 feet 3 inches sans any footwear. Prior to her transformation she was, in all regards, identical to her original iteration. Bearing the same intense blue eyes that rendered the usually mouthy Isaac silent, and medium length blue hair parted to the left. Her attire as Master Aqua consisted of a black and navy blue halter top with a high collar, a corset with twin white laces covering her chest above a pair of black spandex shorts. Her arms were draped with bell sleeves fastened by small pieces of segemented silver armor on both upper arms, her hands covered by tan, fingerless gloves. Over her chest she donned a pair of pink belts that intersected in an X with her signature silver badge. Her legs were covered with opaque black stockings, reaching halfway up her thighs, two strips of blue cloth draped over either or her hips with a white sash tied around her waist and similarly draped. Her boots were silver and armored, with distinctly pointed toes and a pair of downward facing hooks on both ankles.

Following her revival, Luna experienced a host of physical changes. Her mass increased exponentially as a result of her metamorphosis into an Arbiter, this weight gain having no effect on her slender figure, though she would experience several blunders at first, being unfamiliar with the repercussions of "throwing her weight around" as an Arbiter. Her unruly blue hair became a brilliant shade of platinum, otherwise retaining it's normal length. Her eyes also retained their deep blue coloration, turning foggy with swirling clouds of white and silver during periods in which she utilized certain Light Energy powers. In keeping with her physical transformation, Luna discarded her previous attire in favor of a reinvented appearance. Donning an offset, strapless dress with a distinct, ombre coloration. The vividly blue bodice gradually shifting to a silver coloration with the hem reaching down to her left knee at the longest point, the conforming garment exposed a generous portion of the Arbiter's right thigh, stopping just below her hip. Over this she wore a close fitting silver jacket with short swallow tails in the back, sporting a high collar to encircle her neck and sleeves just long enough to cover her shoulders. The outermost garment remained open in the front, with a short silver chain connecting the lapels of the coat just below Luna's bust. Both her dress and jacket both displayed an ornate blue trim around the edges of the garments, with her arms covered by translucent blue bell sleeves held in place with similar segments of silver colored armor from Luna's previous attire. On her legs the Arbiter donned a pair of silver colored tights with heeled boots to cover her feet, the aforementioned footwear sporting a metallic silver heel and toe, with the blue leather shafts often hanging unzipped around her calves, secured with thin straps wound in a serpentine fashion around her ankles. With this new attire Luna forewent the use of any gloves, retaining her silver badge in the form of a necklace. The pronged heart secured with a short chain and left to dangle between her breasts.

Perhaps her most drastic transformation however is the shift that occurs when the Arbiter utilizes her newfound abilities to their fullest. By tapping into this ancient Take Over magic, Luna can manifest the spirit of Uriel, a revered Seraph and the fabled Light Eater. Upon becoming Uriel's vessel, Luna's features become sharper and more exaggerated. Her canines elongate and sharpen, whilst her pupils contract and discolor, becoming entirely white to contrast her blackened sclera. The Arbiter's hair bristles and stands up on end over her entire head, often buzzing with errant crackles of electrical energy. Below the neck her body changes in far more deliberate ways, Luna's bell sleeves disintegrating as her forearms adopt a thick layer of crystalline material, appearing as luminescent, flawless scales before tapering off at the wrists, wherein her hands adopt razor sharp tips on the ends of her fingers, glowing and often exuding thick tendrils of steam. More of these radiant scales manifest from Luna's thighs, reaching down to her knees before disappearing beneath more thick growths of crystalline material that encase the Arbiter's legs like a pair of greaves, these armored leg coverings end in a set of jagged, three clawed toes, several sizes larger than her normal feet. Dependent on necessity Luna can further manifest twin pairs of wings from her shoulders to provide lift and flight. The uppermost appendages being almost twice the dimensions of the lowermost pair, with all four comprised of more jagged, crystalline material. A small, partially fractured ring of crystals can be seen levitating behind the transformed Arbiter's head when she is in this state.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Uriel *
Strength A
Speed A
Durability C
Intellect D
Charm -
Magic/Psy A
Luna *
Strength D
Speed B
Durability D
Intellect A
Charm C
Magic/Psy A

Take Over: Angel Soul(Obateiku:Tenshi no tamashi)-Luna awakened a previously unseen ability thanks to the inadvertent meddling of Briar Rose, the latter using her untested abilities to unlock an ancient seal that had previously imprisoned the essence of Uriel. The monstrous energy found it's way into the realm following the climactic engagement with The Rage however, finally breaching the powerful lock placed over it's gate with Briar's assistance. Upon witnessing what she believed was Nova Isaac's demise, Luna reached into the vast depths of her rage and despair. Her sobs becoming otherworldly screams as the essence of Uriel possessed her body, inciting it's transformation in the grief ridden Arbiter and imbuing her with the ancient strength she needed to battle the recently arrived Prophet. In this form Luna demonstrates a ferocity and bloodlust capable of overwhelming all but the mightiest foe, forgoing her Keyblade in favor of Uriel's terrible arsenal of divine attacks. The transformation itself occurs much in the same fashion as Mirabelle's Satan Soul, except with a silver flash of light rather than the Prime Source's blue luminescence, seeming to produce shards of light that fracture and erupt away from Luna's body.

  • Hand to Hand Combatant-Luna's transformed fury is a force to contend with, it's first and only occurrence to date making the furious Arbiter a match for even the likes of Prophet. When utilizing her Angel Soul, Luna employs the destructive potential of The Light Eater to the fullest she is able, delivering blows quicker than lightning and more forceful than a hurricane. On her own she proved able to damage and shatter portions of Prophet with only a few successful blows, able to utterly destroy the nightmarish apparition after combining her assault with Barthandelus, Carbuncle and the Radiant Man. Fearsome strength and fervor aside, Luna's bare handed attacks can hardly be described as coordinated, lacking the precision in her strikes that might be displayed by the likes of Caesar or Mirabelle. Nevertheless she is a glaring example of the danger posed by simply directing Uriel's furious power.
  • Angel Soul: Chaotic Canticle(Enjeru Soru:Kaosu sanbika)-Luna summons the terrible voice of Uriel, the maddening chant spilling from her lips and rattling the mortal realm to it's very core. This ability resonates with a force that can tear even the hardiest of monsters to shreds, rattling mountains to dust and shearing the tallest trees from their roots. Those seen as enemies by Uriel and it's vessel are subjected to a host of ailments from hearing the otherworldly chant, ranging from incapacitating headaches to frightful hallucinations using both sight and sound to render them maddened and incoherent. Allies can only recall hearing a glorious chime of bells from some unseen location.
  • Angel Soul: Raguel(Enjeru Soru: Ragueru)-By charging the fractured ring of crystal with Light Energy, Luna summons a terrifying entity from the Realm of Divinity. Appearing through the greatly expanded ring as a giant cherubic child's head with a distended smile jostling with sharp fangs. The massive head splits itself open to reveal an amalgamation of ancient, clockwork machinery, producing an intense shower of Light Energy, the thin columns having enough power to perforate solid stone several meters thick, leaving the obliterated edges glowing with a white hot, almost glassy finish.
  • Angel Soul: Cassiel(Enjeru Soru:Kasshieru)-Luna concentrates and summons forth a secondary ring to rotate around the first, being similarly fractured and missing several portions of it's circumference. By energizing both rings in tandem she is able to summon forth a massive, insectoid entity from the Realm of Divinity. Cassiel appears as a gargantuan centipede comprised of multiple weeping faces linked together from ear to ear, the front most head is linked to the body from it's neck, gazing at it's enemies with eyes that perpetually burn with a radiant flame. Cassiel will attempt to crush or constrict Luna's opponents to death, alternating between bouts of bitter weeping and joyous choruses from each of the body's segments.
  • Angel Soul: Samael(Enjeru Soru:Samaeru)-Luna further exerts her Light Energy, manifesting a third ring over the two already present, larger than the second of the three. The energy becomes erratic as previously obser-DAT_ EXPEN_ FAIL INT_, Summoning forth a massive Seraphim wielding a burning_Ť͖̜͚̫̳̍́h̵̷̖̠͓̠̾ͯȇ̟͓ͭͨͯ̍̅̾͞͠ r̤̩̯̤̳̜͚̜͐̉̒ͬ͢ȉ̵̳̺̯̹͎͚͆͘d̶͍̮̭̒̑̌͜e̫͚̱̠̥͇̱̭ͯͤͥ̕r̭͈͙̣̰̥ͦ̅̆ͫ̚͘͟s̤̥͍̝̟͕ͤ̐̅̇̓̌̏̎͒͝͝ ę̗̠͉̳̗͕̰̏̂̌ͤ͒̎̚͢ṋ̶̖͙̠͇ͣ͂ͥͨͨ͗̌͛ͅt̢͉̤̩̯͈̙͒̽̆̃ͣ̐̒́͟e͙̰̜̻ͥͣ̇̓r͖̫͌̓̌̔ͤ͘ f̸̖̮͗̑̈̂̑̀o̪͖̩̟̯͉̯ͯͥͯ͡r͗̅̒ͧ͘͏͙̖͎͈͔̫́ṯ̖͉̤̞̜ͥ̀͐͐ͥ̐̀͟ȟ͚̻̻̼̬̻̱͌ͤ̾̋͂

̠̺̺̳̎ͦ̌͆̀̅̚̚͢͡ ̢̡̨̪͉̝̞͓͕ͬͪ͆͋̓ͮ͊ͦͅT̖̪̹͍̟̮̎ͭͩͣ̍́h̶͚͙̘̮̺͋̇̎ͫͨ͌̇̚e̶̵̝͎̩̲̬̟̗̓ ̨̡̛͕̳̩̣̤͕̩̗̔̎̄S̡̥̝͉͈̺̼̆̐̊e̳̿̾͒́̌̕v̛͇͖̪̭̙͋̿̎͂͢͝e̶̦̭̤̠̲̹̬ͩ̌̄̏ͯͅn͊͏̡̻̳͙̺͚̩ á̛̮͕̂͛̀̆ͮͥ̆w̝͍͈̿͐ͣ̈̃ͦ̓̕a̵̦̺̦̬̲͚̦͍̾͛i̋ͮ͑ͯͮ̊̾͏̲̬̙͍̠͙̯ͅt͓̦̫̣̹͇ͫͨ͂͒ͩͥ̇̈́̕ ̩͚̳̪͙̦́͂ͨ͑̈́͑͒̓͑h̹͖̟̳̭̫̤͉̅̀̕͠i͓̹͍̠̺ͣ̿m͍͇̓̾͟ i̬̩ͣ̒ͥ̈ͭ͐̇́͢n͐͆̾̅̉̇̀̋͏̯͍̲̙̩̩̞̯ t̨̻̰̗̱̯̗̖̩ͩ̇̊̆̀h̬̼̽̐͗ͫ͐ͥ̕͢e̷̲͔͓̳͎͕ͧͭ̑͂̐̇͘ d̟̱̻ͦͣ̑ͮ͋͜î̛͇̬̤͊̾̓̽v̳͔̦͈̪̠̘͌̎́ǐ̜̹͍̗͍̥͓̭̒̓n̡͔̺͔̭̜̳͓͉͍̑̂͒ͤ̃̈i̍̆͑̍̽̈ͮ̇͒҉̵̻̗̺̰̞͕̲ͅt̛̽ͭͤ҉̭͚̰͇̘ŷ̵͕̰͍̳̬͍̉̅͒͂ ̢̢̱̙̔̏̃͠o̟͈̊ͭ͗ͩͮͩ̽̚fͤ̾ͭ̈́͛ͪ͐ͪ҉̥̬͚̰͙̮̤̻́͟ ̷̨͖̗̻͙̣̜̍͑̚t̛̖ͬͮ̒ͭ̓͆ḩ͚̒̒ͤͨͣ͠e̥̙̱͖̺͑ͧͪ̀̄ h̜̱͔̺̜̳̲̏̂͋̑̏û҉̯̼͔͔̺̝̠ṡ̢̙͚͙͈̲̔ͨͧ͗k̵̥͉̯̖̰̫ͮͧ͟ ̻̯̠͉̯̆͒ ̦̥̱̦͕̭̑ͮ́ͤͥ̐͑̐̀̀Ļ̴͈͙ͨ̍̄͂̏͠e̸͓͙̩͋ͯ͆̉͒͆ṣ͇͐t̫̬̦̙̘̐̂ͨ̏̀ ̨̞̻̻ͬ͋̓̋͜i̤̹̬̫͕̳ͤ͛̅t͔͍͙͔̟̖͗̕͞ ̗̖̹̥̋̓͒͠f̵͖͙̮͉̖̥͓̍̓ͨͪa̴̛̖͐ͨ̂͠ḽ̰̙̦̯̘̞̊͒ͦ̐̎̽͗ͅl̵̛͔͓̦̼͇̙̈̋ͬ̔̌̂̈̕ ̝̖̰̭ͦͩ͑̂͋͐ͨ̚͞ē̷͇͈̗̑͠ŗ̸͈̳̂͗̄ͩě͈͖̮͓̺̩̼͈̅̄̒̈͗̄̓ ̹̼̪̰̎̈ͫͧ͂̓͆͜w̨̞̙͔̬͌ͩͯė̷̠̭͌ͪ̐ͩ͛̓͆ ̶̟̺̗̝̭͇̳͎̈̓͛͐ͨ͋͘t̵̫̹̜͊ͮͮ̚͞o̭̫̹̤̟̬ͣ͑ͣ̇̐ ̵̟̳͙̝̈́͆͒ͨͮ̽͆ͅb̮̖̙͕͚̽̒ͣ̐ͭ̀̆́ȅ̢̥͙̗̬͔̮̣̑̽̆̂͐͡͝ ͕̹̓ͯ̚s͍̹͚̺͍̲͆͆͋̌͘͝ȁ̛͍ͤ̾̓̑͐͌ͭ͟v̗̫̣͈͔̙̘̮̊̋̊̾ͨ͟͞e̜ͩ̀̍̆̋ͪ̅d̶̘̞͍̗̜̯̊ͨ͊̀̓̿̚,̼̭͚̞͙͔͆͛̎ͅ ̯̺ͪ̔ͫͤ͆̇̄͞t̸̸̻̜̠̳̘̣͔͔̜̾̑̀̾̅ͫ͞h̆͛ͬ͋̓̃̂͌͐҉̢͕̙̩̠͙̙ę̤͕͕̮̑̽͊̄̓̀̚̚ ̙͈̰̼̗̼͙̫͊͛̓s̢͎̝̮͓͚̓ͭ͊͑ͫ̏ͥ͆t̘̤̺͕̥̒͛͑ͦͥ́ͪ̀͜ȍ̢̢͙͍͉̦̏u̢͊ͭ̆̑͗̓͡҉̤̝̘̜̠̰̟̝t͒͆̎̎͞͏̼̣͚̦̝̣̀ͅ ̛̞̗̹̪͎̾ͤ̀ǫ͓ͧ͑͗̽̀̀f̸̺ͧͬ̕ ̶̛̼̹̹͖ͭ͒̔͟s̄ͯ̋̀̓͏̷͕̗̦̱̪̬̕h̴͌̏̆̋̔҉̨̻͍̲̺̝̼̙͉e͎͔͙͓̼͓̊̏͒̃ͯͬ́͜l̶͓̭̥̺̟̝̟͈̆͒̃ͩ̅̀l͎̯͇͚̆ͥ͊̆́̎ͥ̆͜ ̵̘̪̜̣ͥ̓ͫ̒̓͂ͅo͍͒͐̇̍̿f̸̞̪͓̝̱̥͍̥̿̓͛̚͟ ̅̃̌͆̊̆̑̓͏̨̣̪͓̫͇͈̪͠G̘̯̮̜̟͇̐ͯ̑̀ͭ̉̚o̜̟͕͉̔ͭ͌̐̏ͬ̐͒̚͜ͅḑ̪̩̲̰̘͖͗ͅ'̶͖͔͇̈́͊͐̀ͣs̻͕̩̗̦̋̒̔̓̉̾̉̈́̕ p̡̙̫̳̣͛͌ͬ̈ř͓̳͚̙̺̌̊̀ͮ̇͡ọ̦͔͒ͧ̔̆̓͟ͅm̜̩̙̤̟̰̞̰̄͛̊̈́̔̈͟ī̮̣̼͓ͯ̕s̛̱͉̹͓̣̺̰ͧͬe̛̫̺̫̤͇͆̒̈́̌͑̓͒̾d̯͍̙̣ͣͭ̑͋ͤ͊ p͈͍͚̲̪̮̣̓͂̀̃ͧͣͬ̈͟e̷̛̬̭͔̰̩̺̽ͧͥ̋̚ͅͅo̯͊ͧͨ̇̕͞p̹̤̙̯̙̩̲͈͛̊̉̈́̂ͤ́ͩ͐l̢̞̺͉ͧͪ̈̔̄ͥͩ͠e͕̘ͮ̾̈͊̓͢͠ ͋҉̳̤̮̰̗̜̲̳s̸̛̹̰̤̬̎̏ͯ̈̂ͧ̉ͨp̸̔ͥ̀͐҉̟͇ͅl̛͌ͥ̍̔ͧ͏͖͓̩ỉ̵̷̘̭͕̲̱̈ͭ͑̀t̂̄̿҉̡̢̞̻͕͇ a̺͆ͧ͡s͍͔͚̟̺̿̃ͯ̅͗̅ͨ̒ú̵͕̜̓̈͒͞n̲̯̱̒ͫ̎͊͛͜d̷̥͎̯͕͔̤̬ͯ͊ͫ͛̐̈̄̋̀ͅe̙͈͖̩̣̝͍̭̎ͫͥ̃̿̆͠r̴ͮ̃҉̤̘͉͍ ̳͙̟͚̹ͭ̿̀ͅ ̲̠̱̯̖̲̘̗ͫͫ̍̄̀͢M̧̺̥͇͕̙̐̋͢͠ͅy͈̥̘̟ͨ̅̌̃̚̚ G͎̫̼̯̳̻͚ͥ̋͌̓̾̆͑̅̕o̼͙̪̱̔ͥ̌̔͌͡d̫̝̜̣̱͉̣̪̮̎̿̀͡.̤̲̫̝̱̇̿̒̆ͦ̿̔́̚͟.̻͔͓̻̯͈͖̃ͪ̂̍̍͌̓̚͞.̬͓̯͗ͨ͐̔̑̒͟͢.̮̲̙̘̎ͬ̉̇ͬ̂̕h̗̥̳͖͙͕͕̥͓̏̌̔ͭ̉ͧ̂ͯe̴̲̻̣ͫ̋͒̈ͮ̓ ̡̜̦̬̱͎̗̱̩ͧ͛͆̊w̯̲̤̹̍̂̎̀̚͡h̳̘̼͚̣̣̓̀̊ͮ͋͢͢o̍͂̃ͥ͐̏̑͡҉̳̠̘̝͍̞̝ ̯̱͈̃̾w̷̜̲̣̖͈͈̰͈̍ͣ́ͧ̚͘ô̶͎̫͉̟̜̣͈̬͋ͭ̊́͜u̫̝̳͈̭͔̦ͨ̑̋͑̾̀͑̿ͅl̴͓͔͔͔͖̠̠͌̆̆̎́d̡̟̩̝̰͋̇͊ͬ̓ͩͭͭ͜ d̨̝̯̯̫̖͚͇̑ͣ̈́̎͑̈̍͑͛r̅̄̉̉̓̒̔̚͏̯̹͇̲̮̻̪̀͢ị͖̻̙͔̤ͥ̿̿̄͗͡͞v̧̺͉̞̝̪̱̩̬̔͂͌͋͝e͉̻̔͊̇ͭ̄͂ ̶͖̺͓̭̼̜͈͑̈́̒ͩ͠ͅĥ̵̥̣̭̰͇̥̖̐̾̍̍ͦ͝ͅi̫̲̺͈̻̬̩̘͌̓̇̀ͪ͞ṣ̶̢̠̯̦̬̘̗͑͐͂̓̈̏̉̚̚͠ ̩̠̺̻͇̹̳͓͗̃ͦ͘h̵̝̮͉̥̻͐́ͧ̓͋ͫ̃ͣ́a̴̧͓͓̗̺͍̩̰͓ͩ̿ͮ̂m̠̘͇͂ͦͮͯ̈ͫ̀ͅṃͯ́̇̽̍͝͡ḛ̸̝̰̜ͣ͗̐͐ͨ͑̑̚ř̸̹̮̞͑ͣ͌ͦͥ̅̑ ơ̸̮̗͚͗̀̀͂ṉ̷͔̝͍̘͇͚͈̔̋̌ͥ̽̋̈́͋̚͜t̶ͯ͗ͫͣ̇҉̜̠͉̻o̩̟̞͚͎̝ͦ̾̂ͯ̑̊͊̂͝ ̦̳̟̺̰̍̉͆͒ͯͦͥ͝͡ͅt̺̯̜̱͉ͩ̄ͤͦͧͪ̀ḩ̷͕̈̆ͥ̽ͪ̀̾̀ẻ̢̻̣̰̩̞͈̤̬͊̔́̀ͮ́ s͓̼̱̣̩͈̱̹̳ͪ̄͗̄ͫ͑̏a͓̻̝̝̖̲͎ͮ̒͒̒̿͝ͅn̴̖̦͇̯̫͋͗ͭ͋͊ͧ͂d̶͕̰̻̱̀ͮͥ͋̽̎̀̔̀ṣ̲̻͋̅ ̗̂͒͑ͣ̽͋ͥ̉ā͎̜̥̠̟̇̾͟n̸̞̹̥̝̣̊͗d̛̟̣̮̾͒͂̾ͧ̑͊͡ f̥͉͉̮́ͤ͛̔́̚͞ọ̘͎͚͎̪̗͑̆̊ͫ̇̾͡ṙ͚̈́͊͛͑ͫͪ́g͇̺͉̟̬̎̓͒̇ͮ̏ĕ̞̳̙͙̬͓͚̤̆ͯ͐̑ ̡ͭ̑ͫ͗ͫ̓̓̓̔҉̭͔̦̹à͚͎͓̤̣̗̤̋ͨ̓̐ͦ̉̀n̋́̄́̅̾̌͘͏̝̝̙e̱͍ͪ͞͡w̲̯̺̳̟̃͟͟͜ ͓͎̩͖̙̜̞̋̊̈́ͨ̇͆͞ ̛̣̭̤͙͒̿̌͞ͅṬ́͒͗̌̾ͫͮͯh̵̙̻͌͑̓̋̕͟e̼̟̩̰̠̥̳̻̽͐̌̉ͨ̅̊̑̽̀ ̨̨͓͇̩̝̦̘̀͆̉͒̔̃ͭ͐ģ͎̈́ͯ͗ͤ̾ͣͨ͟i̫͚͓̹ͧ̔̃̉͗̀r͂ͨͪ̉ͬ̽ͧ̍҉̨͓̩̘̻̯̲l̶͚͚͓͔̲̟͋͗̐̃͡ w̷̮̫̙̓ͦ́̀a͖͓̯̩̩̼̅̐̑ͣͧ͑͊̋s͍̜͍̙͈̰̙̰̊ͥ̇͒̽ͩ̚ͅh̵̲̦̙̲̮͍̄́̆ͥ͝i͖̙̩͎̼͌ͪ̾ͭ̈̔s̵͉͎ͯ̍̿̀̄ͦ̌ a̢̫̹͓̠̦̥ͪ̓̓͂͒̀̚ͅṋ̷̢̤͍̩͙ͨ̏̏ͮ͂͂̍͞v̴̥̥͎̹̓͒͑ͯ̑͐i̶̤͎͇̭̜̭̼ͧ́l̬ͮͧͣ͌̕,̡̥̤͙̹̙̪̤̪̑͂͌͒ͩ͐ͨ͋͠ ̢̡͖̘̙̜͍͉̻ͤ͐ͫ͒t̛͙͍͙̙̤̃̆͋̏͛ͪͅḧ̸̘̯̜́̏͐̀ͮ͞͝é̉̃̂̈̃͏̳̲̘͓͖̪ͅs̢̗̠̲̯͈̪̝͚͆̂ͧ̉ͬ̋ͤ̂͡ḭ̵͕̦ͤͭ̄͂͋ͧ́̕n̴̫̖̰̲̲̦͖̋̓ͧ͋ͨ̈́ͦͯn̢̛̩̠͒̿͠ẹ̲͙͚̘̘͚̎̾̽̀ͅr͎̯̳̫̻̫ͦ͂̂́ͪ͛ͬ̽͘s̢͍̼̫͔͙̪̰͕̯̆̃͑̓̆͢ ͍͖͕̪̱̱̓̆̍̏̈́̆̍̓h̢̙̯͙̻̫̠͔͎̟ͧͪ̅͛͐i͇̳̼͍̲̻̤̓ͫͫ̉̌͜s̺̱͍̪̱̹͓̘͆ͧ͊ͯ̄ͤ̑̋s̨̰̒͆ͬ̒ţ̦̻̘̥͔͓͎̓͒͑͋ͨ̕͜e̤͕̙̪̻̣͍͗ͩ̃̓ͭͨ̈́̚ēͮͬ͗̈͗͐҉̺̤̞̜̞̗̮l̴͖͍̂̄̃͞ͅ,̋ͧ̉͏͖̮͉̞̜͕̙̥̪ s̯͙̻̎̾͗́̓ͧ̌͠ͅẖ̤͋͆̎ͮ͞a̹̝͇͖̲̤̓ͦ̆̽̆̅p̦͕̃ͣͮͮ̅̅͂ͩ̚͜͞e̶̛͖̭̠̯͇̠ͤͥ̍d̻̘͚̥͈͓͎̳̔͐̓̈́ͪͯ͂̓͞ ̡͓̫̬̘̪̻ͧ̀̾ͅw͇͚͍̤̒̉̔̚͝͠ẻ͓̠͙͙͉̕ ä͔͈̼͑̐̒͒͋ͫͣ̀r͈̘̲͇͖̟̖̼̬ͣ̔ͫ̃e̪̹ͩ͂̉͒ͭ̌̾͡ a̧̰͙͐̊̇̏͘͝n̻̮͇̝̖͇̼͂ͣ̃ͦͪ̓ͭ̚d̮̗̤͔̱̺̔̍͂ͯ̊̀͡ m̮̭̲̥͉͍̗͓ͨ͠a̴̢͕̲̹͖̿ͥ̇d̨͈̟̥̤͍̯͋̆̽̎ͫ̽̇ͪ͘͝ͅͅḙ̢̙̳̰̤̈́̃ͨͬ̄ͭ w̨̩ͮ̃͋ͧ͊͌̎͒͂͡h̨̝͈̦̯̲̣̣̦̾̉̃͞o̴̧̳̪̥̞͙̞͉͕͉͛́͋̈́̄͒̍̕ļͣ͂ͯ̾͐͛̊̄͏̢̖̬̙̥̟͖e̞̝ͪ̊̄ͪ͊͠͡ ͖̺̺̆ͮ͐͌͡ ̵̡͕̗̲̘̘̃̍̈́̂̇̽͟T͈͎̐ͤ̆͘͟ͅh͇̝͇͆͐ͤ̈ͤ̐ͮ̚͜͝e w̡̝̰͖͇̜͍͉̣̦̔ͪ̈̽̌ͦͦ̍ͣ́a̷̘̣̹̞̪̰̲̪ͭ̄ͭ̄͋̇ͤ͘i̶̦̠ͭ̾ͣͤ̀ͮ̀͟l̷̢̯͓̤̬̳ͯ͂ͤ̔͆̆̌͑̕s̡̭̱̬ͮ̀̍ͅ ̾ͪͣͤ̀ͤ͆͏̠͕̣͇͓͟o̯̮̖͕̖͉̦͇̐̄̊ͪ̀f̺̰̘̭̯̋̒̑̓̅̽̏ t̡̞ͦ͆̋͛͠h̤͚̺̬͇͇͕̜̯̽͐́̕e̛͖͔̲̭̥̰̝͆ͭ͑̋́ ḯ̝̙͍̟̜̹͕̪̦̊͝m̬̦͍̘̼̫ͬ͊̓ͭͅp̜ͮ̓͑͆̌̈̏̉͟ù̓ͬ̄ͯ̈̀҉̵̞̘̪̱̫̰͇̣͎r̷̺͚͕̅̌ͤ̒͊ͭe̸̡̬̤͔̘ͮ͛͑͟,̡͚̬̗̟̺̖̭̄̅̐̆ͥ̋͢ḃ͚̹̟̬̳̫͒ͤ̿́l͖̰͔̖͉̣͂̄ͬ͟e̶̠̘̖͈̥̣̤͗s̸̤̼̝͔͓̻̟̱̥̓ͭ͘s̡͇͇̯͈̩ͨͨ̐ͤ̎͢e̲̟͍̗̗͛̍ͨͯ̔ͤͪ͆dͩ̌̎̐͑҉̧͈̗̬̦̼͔͓̱̣ ̤͇̙̜̠͈̗̰ͨͬ͗̀̌̈́ͨb̖̬̤͍̳ͪͥ̓ͥ͊ͬȩ̤̼͙͖̦ͥ̿̎̊̃͌̚ t̰̮̠ͪ̚͘͠h̞̩̜̦͍͚͇͛̽ͮ̎ͥ̆̀̀e̵̺͎͌̌̔́̾͡ḯ͌̑̾͏͍̱͖͔͈͚r̶̺̻̓̍̂͋͗ͦ͞͝

Light Energy(Hikari enerugi)-Luna returned to life through the desperation of Nova Isaac, unintentionally transformed into an Artificial Arbiter of Light upon her resurrection. A curious incident give that she seemingly lacks any elemental to serve as the battery to her power. Regardless of her unique circumstances, Luna still possesses the same abilities afforded to those who undergo the transformation into an artificial Arbiter. Her body naturally produces vast quantities of Light Energy, drastically modifying her physiology from that of a normal human and causing her to experience volatile reactions whenever in direct contact with Phazon in large enough amounts.

  • Catalytic to Phazon-Luna possesses immunity to Phazon Corruption, her unique internal composition being put at odds with even trace amounts of the mutagenic particles. Like Briar-Rose and Nova Isaac, her Light Energy can trigger excited reactions when introduced to sources of Phazon, larger amount often resulting in volatile and dangerous breakdowns of the corrupting agent. This facet of her transformation makes the Arbiter a less ideal infiltrator than her Dark Matter counterparts, instead granting her an edge with regards to purging Phazon from living and non-living matter both. Given her more destructive reactions when exposed Phazon in even trace amounts, Luna has been theorized to have more absolute immunity to Phazon than Dark Arbiters, putting her in a vein closer to that of Prime Sources.
  • Light Energy Manifestation-Luna can summon the reserves of Light Energy in her own body, projecting powerful burst of energy and imbuing her Keyblade strikes with the volatile and destructive material. The energy produced exhibits characteristics of being "sharp" and abrasive, demonstrating an intensity that disintegrates most physical matter it comes into contact with. Despite this the radiant beams produce little to no resistance against their targets, and overall the Arbiter is able to form considerably less complex attacks with these beams than her counterparts. Luna's particular energy invokes a "searing agony" when introduced to organic tissue.
  • Regeneration-Despite her gentler nature, Luna is no stranger to violence. Her newly acquired body grants her the powers of regeneration, fortunately for the fledgling Arbiter. With this power she is able to shrug off grievous injuries so long as her willpower is strong enough, a drastically increased metabolism mending her injuries and even restoring her limbs if need be. The upper limit of this regeneration has not been observed, but it's efficiency is greater than that of her original iteration. When she taps into her Angel Soul, Luna's recuperative faculties increase nearly three fold, giving her some of the most intense longevity of any of the Heroes.
  • Light Energy Infusion-Luna exhibits the power to impart her Light Energy into others, using the radiant energy to heal their injuries and distill any impurities or illnesses from the infected person, especially in the case of Phazon Corruption. This is one power the fledgling Arbiter showed an immediate proficiency with, likely due to her prior acuity with healing magics. She demonstrates a precise grasp on the normally risky process that Nova Isaac fumbled hopelessly, even outshining the experienced Briar-Rose. Her disposition as a healer and a caretaker make for an ideal combination with this keen prowess over her Light Energy.

Keyblade Wielding-Life after death has been a tangle of ups and downs for Luna, but through her perilous plunge into the events of history, the Arbiter retained her power to summon and wield the Keyblade. This mythical weapon persisted even after the Arbiter drew her last breath as a human, providing it's revived wielder with a deadly instrument to take up against the hordes of darkness. Luna retained her impressive skill and finesse with the Keyblade following her reanimation, albeit utilizing a considerably altered style. As a Light Arbiter, Luna relies on an unorthodox grip, switching the Keyblade between hands and incorporating bursts of Light Energy into her elaborate attacks. In the event that she wields the weapon with both hands, the Arbiter will usually conduct Light Energy through the blade to give it an insurmountable impact with each swing.

  • Anylock-Luna can use her Keyblade to "unlock" doors, both in the literal and figurative sense. So long as she is able to rationalize the nature of something as being sealed in the same manner as a locked entrance that would bar her path. This power also extends to containers such as chests and boxes, inadvertently making the Arbiter a very apt treasure hunter.
  • Keyblade Armor-Following her revival, Luna retained the ability to summon a magical suit of armor to protect herself in battle, albeit one she discovered to be heavily saturated and augmented with Light Energy. Her mutated suit, known as Penumbra, bore a striking number of similarities to her Angel Soul transformation. The metalwork became a luminescent silver, with sheets of a glowing blue crystal reinforcing her bracers, greaves and chestplate. A pair of wings, comprised of a metal framework and crystal "feathers", and a blue sarong draped below her waist serve to make this one of the more ostentatious sets of Keyblade Armor seen thus far. It is also the only set that lacks a helmet in the traditional sense, employing a thin layer of armor to cover the back of Luna's neck which tapers off into a headband with a pair of wings. Like many of the other non-human Heroes, Luna has modified her Keyblade Armor to channel trace amounts of Light Energy from the environment, it furthermore deters Darkness in a great radius than traditional armor, at the cost of making her a more attractive target to such negatively aligned entities.
  • Keyblade Glider-Luna possesses perhaps the most unorthodox Glider of the known Keyblade Wielders, able to temporarily transform her Keyblade into a construct bearing similar features to the many divine entities she can summon in battle. This particular transformation resembles a collective of mechanical arms encircling a small, cherubic face. The Glider, while not granting Luna any additional mobility, will traverse the battlefield with the use of crystalline wings. In combat it will seek out any provide healing and recuperative spells to any impaired allies, more inclined to stay on the edge of a confrontation and provide support. While a useful addition to any dicey conflict, the Glider will leave Luna without the use of her Keyblade, without which the Arbiter is considerably disadvantaged, especially if one considers that she cannot utilize Angel Soul Magic without dismissing her Armor and Keyblade both.
  • Power of Hearts-Having practiced extensively with her signature weapon, Luna can unlock the nature of a person's true heart using the Keyblade. Using this ability she may tap into the purifying reservoirs of Light Energy she controls, subduing any individual's inner darkness as well as expunging any malevolent forces attempting to control said person's heart. Although this power rationalizes the heart as the medium for such invasive magic, it is just as suited for dispelling powerful hypnosis and mind control. Despite the all encompassing nature of Light Energy however, Luna is unable to turn people into beings of pure light with this ability. This power often requires her to touch the intended target's chest with the Keyblade, alternatively she is able to project a thin, luminescent beam from the tip and


  • Many of Luna's Angel Soul spells can be credited to the names of angelic figures from Christian theology, Raguel, Cassiel and Samael all bearing some relevance in the Old Testament.
  • Luna is the Latin word for "Moon", keeping with the trend of Kingdom Hearts characters named for terms in Latin or Japanese.
  • "Moon of My Life" in addition to being a pet name from Nova Isaac, is a nod to the Song of Fire and Ice novels by George R.R. Martin, being the same title Khal Drogo uses to refer to his wife, Daenerys Targaryen.
  • Luna holds a great deal of contempt for the notion of being compared to Aqua, more out of existential discomfort than any ire for the latter. Changing her name was influenced greatly by this, as well as simplifying the game from the players perspective.
  • Luna was originally planned to have longer hair, but the concept was scrapped with consideration to Aqua and Lillith already sharing this feature, as well as avoiding too many similarities to Mercy, a character from Blizzard Studios Overwatch, an online FPS which released shortly after the initial introduction for Luna.
  • Ironically enough, Luna does not practice any of the faiths often touted in the universe of KingdomFall, remaining an agnostic despite her very particular set of Lost Magics.
  • Luna is an incorrigible Peeping Tom, having used numerous occasions to spy on Nova Isaac, this contrasts to their original iterations, where Isaac Sterling took many opportunities to spy on Aqua while still isolating himself. However the latter can claim to have not done so while she was in various stages of undress.
  • Luna deliberately errs on the side of feminine with regards to her appearance, having expressed considerable self consciousness over the physical aspects of her Angel Soul transformation and feeling the need to compensate.
  • Luna and Nova Isaac are ranked #5 on Mirabelle's Shipping Chart.