"Lots of fellas have done me wrong, all of them were killers....and then along comes this one guy, who's nothing like the others; he doesn't want to be a killer."

"Sounds like you're almost disappointed.."
"No it's....the way people talk he's one of the greatest fighters who ever walked....he's good at it, and he hates nothing more."
--Elizabeth to Mirabelle in "Courting Calamity"
Dark Isaac is the fourth paradoxical iteration of Isaac Sterling, a freedom fighter turned monster from the regions far West of Aurelis. His grim reality became violently upturned after encountering Tenebris and Lillith in The Free Provinces, choosing to aid the Heroes in their bid to overthrow God King Abaddon. His brief stint as Hero ended when he was sent back in time following a desperate bid to bring Elizabeth back to life, where he was rescued by the Hegemon along with her corpse. He has since allied with the Hegemon in a relentless gambit to bring his beloved back from the dead, he is the fourth known vessel of Corruption.

History Edit

Isaac Sterling was the eldest child of Bran and Elle Sterling, born in the Northern District of The Free Provinces, a sprawling collective of cities situated on the coast of a ruined continent. Much of Isaac's early childhood was spent living with his family, enjoying one of the lengthier periods of calm the Provinces ever experienced. His mother gave up a charmed existence in the capital when she met Bran, giving up her career as a singer in order to marry the lovesick Auto-Gear smith. The two of moved to Bran's stead in the Northern District following the wedding, conceiving Isaac a mere two years later.

The boy didn't set out on his destiny from the get go however, Isaac grew up in a stable home, learning the Auto-Gear trade from his father from the moment he was big enough to grasp the tools on his own. Though he displayed a fair acumen as a smith, the limited proficiency his father held with a sword never quite rubbed off on Isaac the same way, his instincts for violence evidently lacking. Regardless, the young Mr. Sterling spent the first decade of his life never wanting for anything beyond his peaceful existence, a nicety that would inevitably come to collapse.

Some time before his 10th birthday, The Free Provinces experienced a violent upheaval, civil war and rebellion giving wake to the rise of Abaddon. The ruthlessly powerful Outsider quickly established himself as the new ruler of the city states, utilizing unrivaled psionic mastery to subjugate the peoples and solidify his reign. The realm as it were found itself begrudgingly thrust into a period of relative stability, albeit one held under the tyrannical grasp of it's new liege lord.

Isaac's adolescence became a miasma of turmoil and fear, hunted by the ruthless Abaddon and his enforcers thanks to his father's involvement with The Brotherhood. Together with his parents, Isaac adopted a life molded in secrecy, forever running and hiding with the aid of his father's allies within the resistance movement. A span of five years passed, in the span of which Bran became a valued craftsman for the freedom fighters, toiling ceaselessly to armor and equip the poorly organized freedom fighters. Isaac began to assist his father during this period, slowly at first, gradually becoming indispensable to the rebellion as well. Some time before his 14th birthday, Isaac met and befriended Kaizer Clain, the son of the Brotherhood's founder.

At 15 years old the world became that much more dour for the young Isaac, when his father perished following a bloody raid on one of the rebel's outposts. It marked the turning of a new and unspeakable chapter in the history of The Free Provinces, as Abaddon adopted a policy of zero tolerance for the undermining elements stirring within his empire. But the seeds of his undoing had already been sewn, as a grief stricken Isaac buried his hero, taking his widowed mother and unborn sister into hiding with thoughts of revenge seared into the roots of his soul. After finding a safe home for Elle in the Western Province, Isaac returned to The Brotherhood intent to foist his father's title onto his own shoulders, crafting not just armor but an ingenious and terrifying breed of weaponry for the weary rebels.

Isaac became a boy possessed, thrust into a world that scarcely held any of the trappings he knew as a child. A longing for his father and a hatred of his killers fueling a devilish creativity in the inventor, the young Auto-Gear smith devoted his craft to a very different art than his father. In the years that followed The Brotherhood adapted to their adversaries, waging wars from the shadows with Isaac's terrible weaponry in hand. By the time he was only 17, Isaac became a rumor whispered amidst the likes of both his enemies and allies, a merchant of death and the unseen face of every unfathomably deadly weapon to ever be employed by the rebels against Abaddon. The self same tyrant found himself closer to losing his empire than ever, forced to consider any number of distasteful and self destructive measures if he was ever to be fully rid of the Brotherhood and Isaac both. But before the despot could act, fate seemingly intervened.

Sickness spread through the Free Provinces shortly after, a terrible plague that claimed many lives from the city, and it would be this sinister pestilence that would claim the life of Elle Sterling. Snuffing out the young widow in a fashion not so quick as her late husband, but perish she eventually did. Elle Sterling left the world lamenting her fate and the fate of her family, expressing remorse for the killer Isaac had become and the quest that had consumed his obsessions for nearly two years. Isaac laid his mother to rest, orphaned along with his child sister, but the flames of his hatred and vengeance would never be fully snuffed out. Despite having to care for Serah on his own, Isaac continued to work for the Brotherhood, doing everything in his power to undermine and eventually destroy the regime that had murdered his father. It wouldn't be another year however before Isaac nearly met his end, suffering the loss of his left arm during a brutal confrontation with the Anima, the nigh unstoppable assassins employed by Abaddon against the rebellion.

Sickness nearly claimed Isaac during his recovery, the swordsman falling victim to the plague, a then unknown strain of Phazon. Despite the Brotherhood's best efforts, it seemed certain Isaac would succumb just as his mother had less than a year ago. But against all odds, a cure emerged, a distinct irony that the efforts Abaddon instated to preserve his kingdom would also save the life of his most zealous opponent. Indeed Isaac made a full recovery with the help of this preventative, but he quickly learned that without a continued dosage, both himself and Serah would weaken and die. Determined to watch over Serah, Isaac put aside his dream of vengeance, haunted by the near death experience he had endured at the hands of the Anima and unwilling to leave his sister alone in the world. The Division continued to surpress and subjugate the Brotherhood at every opportunity. In a decade's time the rebellion vanished beneath into obscurity, hapless to contend with the powerful automatons at Abaddon's disposal. In the span of these ten years Isaac aged into a man, a contender on the sidelines watching the people he'd known his whole life succumb to tyranny and fear. Unable to contend with the Anima in single combat despite repeated skirmishes.

By 1474 Isaac had lost hope in The Brotherhood and their chances of victory, living his life amidst the squalor of the Western Province as a small time Auto-Gear mechanic. But his long time friend Kaizer had resurrected the rebellion under his own banner some months prior to the Heroes arrival, with the city cast into a fresh turmoil and the Anima hunting a pair of foreigners from the east. With the fleeting embers of revolution still stoked within himself, Isaac intervened at a critical juncture against the Anima and Tenebris, saving the headstrong hero and setting off a chain of events that would eventually topple a dynasty.

Personality Edit

Dark Isaac is more somber than any of his known iterations, which speaks volumes in itself. His existence in The Provinces is visibly rugged and bleak, with very little happiness to be carved from the day to day of a tyrannized city state. Having lost his parents during his youth, a great many responsibilities fell to Isaac early in his life. From inheriting his father's position in The Brotherhood to becoming a surrogate father for Serah. From his first appearance Dark Isaac presented himself as a more stoic, responsibly minded individual, with a decidedly pessimistic attitude towards any rash or zealous behavior. A contrast to his youth where his usual sardonic and oddly charismatic temperament shone through, as the top inventor for The Brotherhood he displayed a zeal and passion for his pursuits, even to the extent of a grim euphoria in knowing that his devices would serve their destructive purposes without a doubt.

Following the death of his little sister and his own premature demise, Dark Isaac exhibited mental degradation to an expected degree based on the trauma he endured. Demonstrating a homicidal fixation on Abaddon and anyone associated with his regime, his rage would surface at the slightest provocation, ranging from barbed responses in conversation to psychotic outbursts in combat. Much of this condition could be easily attested to his mutation however, as he alleged to be struggling with the psychological strain presented by his Arma. Following the fall of Abaddon and even in the immediate events leading up to the final confrontation, Dark Isaac seemed to recover a firm grasp on his state of being. Having a brighter outlook on future events after reuniting with the Heroes at Mirabelle's dogged insistence. His conviction remained steadfast till the end of the road, bolstered by his anger and thirst for revenge more than anything. When all was said and done, Isaac had managed to find peace and closure from the death of Serah, finding solace from her death in the liberation of a nation.

Much of Isaac's personality rose to the surface after becoming a full fledged Hero. Appearing to the others as a brooding, stoic archetype when his true stripes spoke more of a kinder, soft spoken nature. Every bit the older brother that had raised his baby sister for over a decade, helping her to grow and blossom into a young woman, even if her young life was to be cut so short. His empathy for others and his genuine disdain for violence reflects the metamorphosis of a man who once devoted his whole existence to the craft of destruction, a great fighter who would sooner live in a world that has no place for men like himself. To a greater extent his role as a parent reflected in his unwillingness to drink or even cavort with the other Heroes during the post Tournament celebration, although he is not utterly opposed to joining in such festivities. Unlike many of the Heroes he shows little interest in glory or desire to achieve fame, finding more enjoyment in his illustrations and books. He confided to Elizabeth at one point that he wanted to be a sculptor, and his passion helped to inspire many of his Auto-Gear works to an extent.

Isaac's timid tendencies reflected most prominently upon meeting Elizabeth, losing their match due to his inability to focus and later becoming hopelessly tongue tied in her presence at the celebration. He proved easy to goad after interacting with the more boisterous Bixlow as well, a surprising instance given his then unknown capability as a powerful fighter. Despite their shaky start however, Dark Isaac inevitably became fast friends with the members of AEGIS, and a steadfast romantic partner for Elizabeth herself. His compassion and kind-hearted nature continues to reflect in the dark times that have consumed the realm, retaining his good-natured temperament even after losing Elizabeth and being flung forward into the future. Dark Isaac continues to fight and struggle against all odds, pushed ever forward by the thought of his friends and the chance to see his love and baby sister again. His deeds in and out of battle have already caught intrigue and spun legends all their own, perhaps the most ironic turn of events given his complete lack of concern for glory. Dark Isaac is a man who will surely outlast the ages, keeping the things that matter most close to his heart.

Appearance Edit

Isaac made his first appearance in The Free Provinces, encountering Lillith and Tenebris following their fierce battle against the Anima. Garbing his wiry, muscular torso with a black tank top and baggy black trousers tucked into a pair of tanker boots. His method of disguise manifested in the form of his father's old welding mask, which Isaac had reasonably inherited by that point. His right hand was kept wrapped in boxing tape to insulate it against the automaton he regularly clobbered in his surprise attacks. Having amputated and replaced his left arm years prior, Isaac left the prosthetic exposed entirely, the false limb joined to his body at the shoulder. The Auto-Gear in question retained a well kept condition, despite possessing a battered and weathered exterior. Isaac utilized this limb to sheath his trusty sword out of combat, the forearm boasting an exaggerated spine at the elbow to accommodate the length of the blade it held. Being human at the time, Isaac still possessed steely green eyes and a consistently weary appearance in his features. His brown hair boasted a somewhat longer taper cut which stood on end and spiked itself whenever Isaac concentrated enough energy. He is noticeably the tallest iteration of the Isaacs, standing roughly 6 ft 6 in tall.

Following his demise and resurrection, Dark Isaac became an Artificial Arbiter of Darkness. The metamorphosis overall proved uneventful on the surface, although his irises turned yellow with the pupils resembling that of a cat. The Arbiter nevertheless retained a healthier pallor than most of his kind, donning a frayed black trench coat over his previous attire. This coat very nearly wore itself down to rags as he skulked through the Free Provinces, finally aiding the Heroes in the climatic showdown with Abaddon. Isaac retained his sword Iconoclast throughout the events of the Abaddon Arc, but because the weapon shattered after his fatal defeat, he was unable to wield it until it's restoration at a later point.

With the reforging of his sword, Dark Isaac also adopted a different appearance by opting for black denim jeans with an acid washed patch on the right knee. Forgoing any sort of shirt after having to expand on the Auto-Gear comprising his body, his mortal wounds necessitating prosthetic metal and carbon fiber to replace his lower spine and torso after the damaged flesh and muscle tissue healed improperly during his revival. Instead Isaac simply wore bandages around most of his torso to conceal the mechanical portions of his anatomy with a sleeveless duster to offer some minor protection from the elements. After leaving The Free Provinces to join the Heroes, Dark Isaac took a photograph of Serah along which he keeps on his person constantly, similarly carrying a photograph of himself with Elizabeth and the other members of AEGIS after becoming close to the guild members.

The most drastic shift in his appearance occurs whenever Isaac manifests his Arma, Hyde. This transformation can occur willingly or otherwise, presenting one of the strangest relationships between Arbiter and Outsider. The abomination's appearance remained unchanged even following Isaac's exposure to Corruption, manifesting as a tall, spindly bipedal entity. Hyde peaks at 12 ft standing ramrod straight, reaching a length of approximately 36 ft from head to tail if the latter is fully extended out. It's thin, clawed hands possess three fingers each long enough to ensure it can grasp a grown man around his torso. The back legs of the creature are thick and powerful by comparison, tapering off into similarly three toed feet. Hyde possesses a sickly, black complexion over the entirety of it's bark like skin and a higher than normal density like most Outsiders. The most notable features perhaps would be the incredibly long and razor edged tail of the abomination, tipped with a bony protrusion resembling a harpoon or spear serving a similar functionality. The head is proportional as the rest of the body despite it's excessively thin dimensions, having a noticeably sharp chin and a crown of gnarled, bony growths along the top of the skull. The only other noteworthy features being the smooth, featureless face of the monster, with the exception of it's heavily recessed eye sockets. The sockets themselves lack any eyes or other solid tissues within the darkened interior, Elizabeth and other witnesses claiming the sockets themselves are "awful" to stare into for prolonged periods. Hyde seems to lack any outwardly visible follicles or hair to speak of, however the exterior of the creature can demonstrate variable muscle mass and bone density depending on the nature of the conflict it is facing, lending a malleable shape to the beast.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Hyde *
Strength A
Speed A
Durability S
Intellect A
Charm -
Magic/Psy EX?
Isaac *
Strength A
Speed C
Durability A
Intellect B
Charm D
Magic/Psy -

Jekyll(Jekiru)-Dark Isaac is the man behind the monster, a haggard vessel for one of the most horrendous Outsiders to ever slither into the realms of men. But the man in this case is every bit as capable as his nightmarish alter ego, having more than a decade of intimate fighting experience under his belt. As an Abomination and a Source of Corruption, Dark Isaac can wield the virulent energy against his opponents in battle, mustering up small portions of Hyde's wretched essence to augment his fisticuffs and swordsmanship. His Jekyll Technique is so named because it encompasses every facet of his arsenal that does not employ his horrible transformation in battle, making up a broad array of unarmed, sword based and energy conducting abilities.

  • Jekyll: Zephyr(Jekiru:Zefa)-Dark Isaac brandishes Iconoclast, channeling Corruption in sufficient quantities to infuse and energize and his blade. Executing a single slash which yields a powerful discharge, manifesting as a line of jagged purple energy. This energy is capable of traveling at great speeds, and has demonstrated the power to cut neatly through solid stone structures. Surfaces and materials sliced apart are subjected to extreme temperatures, cauterizing flesh and warping steel. This energy form dependent on the direction in which Isaac swings his blade, causing him to utilize diagonal and horizontal slashes more often than not. Once the energy collides with a sufficiently stout object or entity, it will become unstable and dissipate with a volatile arc of Corruption into the surrounding area.
  • Jekyll: Tempest(Jekiru:Tenpesuto)-Dark Isaac brandishes Iconoclast and flourishes the blade, engorging his internal reservoir of Corruption with dangerous quantities before unleashing a flurry of swings. As each attack will generate it's own line of energy, this attack is very much a more intense variant of Zephyr, requiring a substantially greater level of power and time to unleash. This fearsome technique enabled Isaac to slice apart a Wraith after a brief skirmish, displaying the impressive force behind each attack due to the compounding of Corruption within the afflicted opponent. The application of such an ability has been remarkably less useful against smaller, agile enemies still, unable to so much as scratch Elizabeth during the first match of The Tournament.
  • Jekyll: Squall(Jekiru:Sukoru)-Dark Isaac drastically alters his fisticuffs, concentrating his unique brand of Corruption and focusing the energy into his palms and fingers, allowing him to utilize open palm thrusts and pinpoint jabs with deadly precision. Striking into unarmored flesh and other organic surfaces diffuses the Corruption, transmitting a bloodthirsty current capable of wreaking havoc on the Abomination's enemies, from the inside out. The technique is so named for the high pitched shriek it emits when Isaac thrusts his fingers into the soft tissues of his opponents, his own brute strength allowing Isaac to easily pierce flesh in order to deliver his lethal charge. Allegedly, palm strikes are less effective for dealing high amounts of damage, and the technique has been seen to be visibly useless on animated constructs or other artificial creations. The process behind the excruciatingly painful attack is not currently know, but victims have claimed to glimpse a terrible phantom following Isaac's every motion whilst he utilizes this ability. Due to the nature of this power, Isaac is unable to wield his sword for the duration.
  • Jekyll: Phantom Blood(Jekiru:Fantomu Ketsueki)-Dark Isaac suffuses himself in a thick cloud of noxious Corruption, which while unpleasant, poses no outward danger to his enemies. Once the enemy succumbs to this disorienting fog, Dark Isaac will begin exacting wounding blows, striking with unseen precision before retreating again to bide his time. His speed of movement is greatly increased within the boundaries of the mist, enabling him to intercept opponents regardless of their location relative to his own. Isaac may at any point project low hissing sounds or wails in the voice of Hyde, implying he has some degree of control over the curse. Similar to much of his arsenal, this attack is tremendously effective against a variety of opponents, however flying enemies prove the exception, able to easily escape the vile shroud of they possess the means.

Hyde(Haido)-Dark Isaac retains a commonplace aspect with many of his iterations, namely the power to change his shape. This form is not his true appearance however, but instead a horrible Outsider who slithers into the Material Realm using Isaac's body as the gateway. Hyde has made few appearances in the events of KingdomFall, proving itself to be an Abomination of the highest order, a vile fiend steeped in hatred and evil. Though an Arma by definition, Hyde exhibits a great many discrepancies, chief among them being it's sentience and outright contempt for humanity. Hyde is a monster beyond reasoning, despite possessing the intelligence for such a futile gesture, Isaac has utilized it's terrible powers on scant occasions to protect his friends or to save his own life, though the latter often occurs reflexively due to grievous injuries and surges of adrenaline. In contrast to the many Arma encountered throughout the world, Hyde is a bane, a wretched albatross wound tight around the neck of it's host. It can reasonably be said that Hyde would not hesitate to butcher Isaac if it meant freedom for the Abomination, it was initially suspected that the creature possessed a slight degree of empathy towards others, this was proven false however, evidently turning out to be Isaac's strong will temporarily wrestling control from the monster. When it is fully manifested, Hyde will seek out and attempt to slaughter the strongest entity it can perceive, this has happened consistently enough that Isaac uses it as a means to direct the Arma somewhat, defeating the indomitable Prophet during Caesar's heated battle against Aqua. Beyond manipulation of Hyde's bloodlust, Isaac also suppresses the hateful presence of the beast with a powerful mood altering crystal in his sword. Previously he had gained the strength to briefly overpower Hyde through Elizabeth's magic, but since her death this technique is no longer viable. Attempts were also made at one point under Faust's direction to attempt a suppression exercise with Tenebris, these were however unsuccessful.

  • Hand to Hand Combatant-Hyde is a vicious and tactile killer, demonstrating incredible wiles against opponents big and small alike. The entire surface of it's body is a living weapon, enabling the Arma to adapt in a pinch. Dr. Faust himself speculated that no one opponent would ever be able to defeat Hyde, as it would eventually adapt to their strongest techniques over time. Beyond it's constantly evolving exterior, Hyde possesses strength and speed to rival the likes of Prophet and The Rage. The most dangerous aspect of the beast by far however is it's low cunning and predisposition towards dirty fighting, often striking at wounds already inflicted and attempting to gore and asphyxiate enemies with it's tail. Whenever it is at a disadvantage, Hyde will often infer potential advantages from the environment around it, such as sabotaging the lighting inside structures and lighting fires to pen it's enemies in. Despite it's seemingly endless appetite for violence, Hyde is still diligent about keeping it's victims alive after defeating them. Faust speculated this was a preemptive measure towards some macabre ritual that Dark Isaac thankfully never allowed to occur.
  • Perfect Hunter-Hyde is the finest product of nature's hubris, a weeping sore on the fabric of reality too septic and ingrained to ever be purged. On every occasion that Hyde is pitted against an opponent, it adapts and evolves new and terrible means with which to do harm. This arsenal has expanded drastically in the short time Dark Isaac has suffered under it's presence, demonstrating that the Abomination mimics weapons used against it, both by stealing the physical weaponry and by altering it's physiology to produce a similar effect. This effect does not limit itself to offensive capabilities, indeed as Hyde already demonstrates several safeguarding measures on it's anatomy to protect against powerful arcane magics or high caliber gunfire, with the spectrum of defensive abilities growing every time the beast takes to a battle. The general consensus among concerned parties is very much that Hyde will evolve to be one of the gravest dangers to the realm should Isaac be unable to control or purge the hateful Outsider eventually.
  • Hyde: Weight of the World(Haido:Sekai no omo-sa)-Hyde stole this ability from Tenebris, enabling the Arma to generate unstable singularities and otherwise wreak havoc on the gravitational fields at will. The Outsider manifests incredibly dense pockets of corrupt energy in order to exert electromagnetic force, and at this point it is theorized that a rudimentary implosion helps the monster to achieve it's ends. These fluctuations are poorly aimed and often encompass wide areas in order to be effective as a result, with Hyde exhibiting little or no reactions to the incredibly high levels of gravitational force. The Outsider seems to be able to manifest this power with upwards of seven times the normal gravity on Earth(700G) but with considerably less precision than Tenebris himself, it is unknown if Hyde can discriminate between affected parties using it's own power but the likelihood is slim at best.
  • Hyde: Tesla Terror(Haido:Tesura no kyofu)-Hyde stole this ability from Caesar, granting the Outsider it's own primal brand of Electrokinesis, attained through slight modifications to it's anatomy. The Arma redistributes it's physical mass, generating twin pairs of spines formed from mineral rich calcium. These organic rods can gather and concentrate intense amounts of electrical energy, channeling this current through the entirety of Hyde's admittedly brittle anatomy. When it uses the aforementioned ability, the Arma is much more vulnerable to physical trauma and high speed impacts. To dissuade attackers from just this sort of recourse, Hyde maintains a volatile field of electrical energy over it's whole body, allowing it to discharge lethal surges on contact. This electrical manipulation extends to very crude blasts and discharges from a distance as well, raw power compensating for a visible lack of control or refinement with these attacks. Hyde is capable of moving at it's utmost speed while using this power, further enabling the monster to avoid powerful melee attacks.
  • Hyde: Banshee Blitz(Haido:Banshiburittsu)-Hyde stole this ability from Elizabeth, imbuing it with unparalleled destructive potential over long distances. The Arma undergoes a drastic physical metamorphosis, becoming bulky and sluggish with large vented portions of it's innards exposed along the forearms, back and skull. The Outsider draws upon frightful quantities of corrupt energy swirled and compressed through an unknown metabolic process, this energy may then be discharged from the monster's mouth, eyes and slots on it's palms, with immensely destructive results. Blasts fired in this manner imitate Elizabeth's Fairy Magic, impacting a desired target before exploding. These explosions generate considerable force in addition to dispersing corrosive Corruption, behaving much like high velocity slugs of acid. This corrosive material is able to cling tenaciously to most living tissue and will dissolve through a Wraith in approximately twelve seconds. After firing repeatedly and with enough force, Hyde may elect to vent excess heat and corrupt energy from it's vents, suggesting that this power produces a great deal of build up for it's effectiveness. This pause can last a considerable period depending on the number of shots fired and their intensity, whilst in this form, Hyde demonstrates none of Elizabeth's agility, on the contrary being the slowest of all it's transformations. Additionally the vents essential for it's cooling expose incredibly sensitive membranes upon which severe injury could be inflicted, if any attacker is bold enough to risk the discharges of acidic gas.
  • Hyde: Zero Point(Haido:Zero pointo)-Hyde stole this ability from Abaddon, allowing it to focus and direct corrupt energy in the form of killing blows a limited number of times a day. Unlike the late psionic however, Hyde utilizes the harpoon on it's tail to draw in the Corruption. Once this concentration reaches critical levels, the Arma directs it in a straight, hair thin line towards an entity, reducing the target to ashes upon a successful impact. The nature of the attack requires precision, particularly a practiced grasp on energy manipulation that the savage hunter lacks, as a result the attacks fail just as often as they succeed. A botched Zero Point serves to do little more than wash Corruption over the target, a less than lethal consequence for a seasoned fighter or any entity that can resist raw corrupt energy even in large doses. Despite this setback, Hyde seems capable of manifesting many more Zero Point attacks than Abaddon ever could, it's known maximum having been six at last count.
  • Hyde: The World Ends with You(Haido:Za Warudo de owarimasu)-Hyde incubated this ability from Tenebris, demonstrating Dr. Faust's theory of DAT-STRI&*EXPIUNERRORMISSINGNO**

T̢̧̟̭̪̝͇̝̹͋ͧͫͦ̅̽̓͋̏̇̑ͬ͋͝ͅͅḥ̶̬̣̠͖̄̃̈̓ͧ̾ͤ̒͊̊͐̑͜e̷̴̬̠̗̺̟͇̞̬͛̀̎̃̾̌͋̑̆̋̎͂͠͝ e̥̜͕̠̲͇̠͍͂̈́͆̿ͫ̇̋͂ͮ̈͌͢ͅÿ̛̠̺̭̥̩̰̫́̉̎͆ͭ͆́̔ͤ̈ͥͣͤ̀̀͢e̸̷̢̖̱̼̭͔͒̓͗͌̿̊̐̽͘ş͋̋͋̀͘͏̩̦͚̙͈̫̻̝̗̟͖͓͍̩̪̞͉͍̰.̴̡̂̾̽̇̕҉̟͔̙̦͟.̴̧̡̧͓͇̬̤̝͚͈͐̏ͯͫ͌̉̌ͯ͆ͣ̂͑ͩ̓̚͢.̔̆ͩ̓̂̓ͦ͌̑̈̆҉҉̡̗͈̞͓̘͔̘͔̬͍̫̗̯̱̮ṯ̛͉̞̪̳̤̻̠̝͕̠̭͇ͬ̈́̍ͩ̓ͫ̒̒͐̓́̔͂̀͢͡͠h̶̼̞̱̗͉͓͔̻͖̩͚̼̣̞̣̦̜̰̾́̇̉ͥͫ̆̓͒̓ͨ̍̀͞e̴̶̢̨̛̲͕̬͍͓̓̓͊́ͥ̒ͧͧ̇ͨ̈̈ͪ̎͒y̶̧̺̬̫̦̜̼̝̬͕̤̙̮͈̬̦̪̟̙̲ͩ̓͊ͬ͟͜ ̶̢͇͇̩̦̖̼̫̟̗̦͇̲̺̲ͯ̅ͨ́̽͗͗̈́͊ͯͫ́͐͛̚͢͟j̫͕̘͈͉̳̭̮̥͆ͩ͐ͯ̅́̃ͣ́̌̓̀̈́ͫͨ́̕͠͝ͅų̹̰̤͎̱̦͈͎̰͇̟͇̲̲̙̓̄͋͑̾ͣͯ͊͆ͮ͆̊̐͂̀̃͂͗̀͜͟ͅs̨̾̍ͨ́̉̅̈́ͬ̀̿͆͋͊͒̋̈́̒͊̚͏̢̻̯̯̯̭͚͎̯̜͟ţ̩͔̮̫͈̜͔̹̠̼̺͊ͨ̔ͯ͑͂̌̽ͤ̿̍̔̃ͤ͊͐͟ ̸̵̯͍̫̙͔͉ͧ̿̈ͪͥ̒̍͋̓̾ͥ̒̀͜f̘͎̻̯̬͕̰̝͕̰͈̜̋̊̾̃ͨ͠ū̸̷̙̰̭͇̬̖̳̱̺̺̏ͮ̾̿͆̕͡c̡̥̱̱̼̜̩͎̯̩̪̖̱̜͙̼͍̬̠ͤ͂̄ͭ̍̊̑̿̀k̶̈́̏ͩ͌̑̇͑̾͗̌́͟͏̮̮̜͕̘̝̳͉͉̙̹͉͙i̡̡̥͚̰̲̤̠̩͍̮ͨ̄̏ͩͭ̊ͪ̔͑͂́͒ͬ̅͋̀ͅn̡̺̫̟̳̯̠̙͛ͫ̔̀̓͐ͨ̽̾̅͘͡g̴̷̱̲̤͖͕̣̪̭͖͕͚̯̮̩͙̪͖̀ͬ̉̽ͩ̒͒̔̾̀̔̔̈̅̐̽͠͞ s̴̴͇͚̦̰̭̘̦͔̲̬̼͉̤̗̟͉̺̳ͭ̂͗ͤ͂̅ͬͭ̃ͨ̾̀́n̛̺͔̮͖̝͖͇͎̖̯͚̝̠͇̪ͤ̐͋̅̃͆ͯ͌͒̀́̕͜a̡͔̤̭̯̠̩ͭ̂̔ͭͮ̓͋ͪ͒̋ͣ̌ͯͬͧͪͪ́p̴̶̡͇̲̥̥̠̻̙̭̳̰̪̩ͪ̆͑͊̀p̱͎̠̞̼͍̩̪̮̰̞͇̻̯̣͍̪̘͛͆ͭͦ̈ͩ̓ͭ̏ͨͮ̅̃ͧ͗̍̉̒̀̀͢͡͠ͅe̴̸̬̹͇̗͍̱͉͚̭̭̦̟͈̻̙͚̿̄͌̔̌ͣ̀͌̔̿̒̓̇ͫͥͬ͞͝ͅd̸̹͙̯̉ͩ͊͐̄͛̌͜͠ ̶̢̞͖̼͓ͧ̓ͯͫ͛͗ͤ̑̎ͣ͗̄̌͆͑͒͊̋ͅọ̡̗̘̦̤̗̝̆͆ͫ̋͑̌̋̔͛̐̄̆͆͐̿̅̽ͦ̑̕̕͞͡p̗̼͈̣̯͓̦̞̺̲̯̗ͭͨ̂̑͌ͬ̏̌ͭͮ͝͝͝ͅe̴̻̠̜͓͍͔̭͙̘̙̎ͨ͛̏͋̀́ͭ̀͞n͙̬̻͓̝͍̟͉͍̲̺̟̔͒ͥͬ͌ͫ́͠ ͒̀ͫ͆̏͋̽̿ͬ̂͋ͬ̌ͪ̓̈̆̌͋̕͞͏̷̼̳̪̘̤̀i̧̢̪̞̫̜̝̤͙͓̰̜͇͙̼̬̋̾̇͑͒̍̇̀ͭ̐͛ͯ̽̾͟͝ͅn̿̍ͧ͒ͥ҉͚̩͉̳̬̮̪͍̪͎̟̻̜̕͝ ̓̓̽̃̒ͪ̏҉̨҉̛̼̭̼̤̳̤̬̥̝͔̰̻̰̺̮͢t̛͋̅ͫͭ̈̓ͬ̓͐̒̚͟͏̸̴̺̤̼̬̬͓̙̮͎͓͚͇̱̥ḫ̴̷̻̗͍̬̤͓̮̳̪͉̤̖̼̲̳̥̪̹͐̔̉̀͛̂ͦ̐͆̇̀͘o̢̳̙̲̳̥̘̪̠̝̭͚͇͆̓̿͐͘͜ͅs̾ͨ̊ͬ̐͐ͦ̎͊̍̓̎ͩ̀͗҉̵̴̦̻̱̖̹̖̠͘͝ĕ̴̺̮̙̭̜͕̃̐̿͌̌̍͑̍ͫ̇̚͢͠ sͦͥ̓̂̓̈͑̆̿ͤ̿̽̍̆҉̶̢̢̬͓̹̮̭̱͕o̜͙̜̖̥̭̣̞̯͕̤̼̤̱͓͇͔̽̅͂͆̚͜͞͠c̡̡͎͖̖̞͈̭̙̝̦̯̠̞̘͙̖ͧ͒̔̀̅̍̚͡͝k̢̘͎̯̠͈̤̫̙̔ͫ̇͋͒ͫ̀͜é̌̌̏̋ͭͣ̂ͫͬ̋̓ͫ̄͏̕҉̪̫̦͓͙̗̲̖ț͕̦̟ͭ͋ͩͪͩ͗̅ͮ̀̀̃̇̋̕͟͞s̷̨̳̯͉̭̱̥̯̪̘̗͔͔̙̫͖̥͉̺̾̒͐̂̎̾̽̚̕͡͡!̷̵̉̈́̑ͤ̆́҉͎͍̼̱͔̝͓̬̲̼̬͝ ̸̠̭̜͓͈̲̬̙̺͙͍̽̄ͬͭ̂̇́O͌̎̃̌̓̂́͏͚̣̝̪̺̝̬̘͎̭h̷͊̆̾̽̍̎̄̽̾̽͏̥̼̞͚͍͈͍̖̮ f̶̨̛̣͇͍̜͉͔͖̟̫̙͔̝̮͉̭̓ͤ̈́͊̄ͮ͒ͭ̊́͐͞͞ͅu̍̾͆̋ͥ̏̈̆͏͏̵̡̣̫͇̭̞̹̫c̢͔͉͚͈͚̳͖̼̩͖͉̘ͬ̏͛͐̍ͪ̍̄ͥ̒̑͗ͩ̀̚̕͟k͈͔͇̤̗͍͈̳͈͎̘̺̲̞̯̰̳̉̈̀͊ͯ͒ͦ͆̐ͤͥͦ̃ͣ͛ͦ͢͝h̨̰̳͉͇̮͎̱̳̮̯̬̟̩ͫ́͛̍ͯ̎ͬ͆̑̍̒ͣ͑̏ͨ̕͢͞o͆̿ͩ́̊͗ͧ̈́͛̃̓ͤ̊̓͊͆͟҉̡͎̻̱̹͕̩̗͈́͢ͅͅļ̛ͤ̄͆ͣ̒̓ͣͫ͆ͧͮͨͧ̅ͬ͊͜͡҉̬͎̹̟̲̲̲̪̞y̛̛̛̱̲̫̻̝͉͎͚̪̩ͮ̒̔ͬͪ̾͗̓͂͋͆̌ͦͥ̚ f̸͓͉̹͎̠͉͎̻̺̗̰̫̤̖̜͋ͩ̌͌͛̉͟ͅu̢͉̼̰̫̣͔̱̞̪̩̭͍̗̞̜̣̩ͩ̊̐ͣ͑ͬͩ̽́̽͛ͥ̀ͮ͋͑͛͘͠͞ĉ̨̡̛͌ͧͤ͊̔͊ͫ́ͩ̈̉̂ͥ͗̈̑̚҉͖̳͙̘ǩ̴̘̦̺͉͚͉̳̯̰̫̫̹̰̍́̐ͦ̒ͣ́̚͢͝͞i̵̤̲̜̙̠͚͎̫̭͕̙̹ͫ͊͒̏̋̀́͜͠ṇ̩̪̜̟̱̯̠̞̭̣̤̠̩̰̜͐̃̾̾͘͜ͅg̵̶̨̻͔̮ͫͤ̿̄̅̋̌̋̃̐ͨͯͯ ̷̸̲̙̤̙͈̭͍̹͉͉̣͔͙̰̯͗̆̃̽ͨ̎͐̓̆̌͐̉̍͑͑̔̿́̀͘͡s̵̸̳̱̣͖̜̠̼͖͖̗̙̙͍̜̭͎͎ͪ͌̋̇̎̾͂̀̓͂̋́͡ͅh̸̴̶̸̡͙̹͙̓͑̊̄̌ͩͅi̷͙̲͖̰̻̥̘̠̬̦͒ͥ̅͊ͯ̑ͣ͘͜͠t̐̽͊́̇ͥ̑ͩ͐͐̆͒͗̒ͯ͌̚͝҉͙̖͔̭̺̫̲̮̭̺͍̻͍̯̱͙̣͙͜͜!̞̤͔̦͕̦͎̣̈͂̑̋ͦ͐̋ͨ̕͢͝ ̍ͥͬ̉̽̋̾̔̀͜͏̯͎̪̘̣̞̰̻̗͚̳̭̠͎̞̟̯̬͡I̸̸̡͚̜̥̟͖̰͇̬̗̙̣̤̙̣̺̙̟̱ͦ͊ͫͫ͗ͦ̐̌̿ͥ̀ͪͣ̋͋ ̗̟̬̜̥̉͋͑ͥͤ͗̆̿̎̌̚͠s̶̴̵̢͉͇̪̞͇͎͎͎͉͕̮͓̪̼̬͚̖ͪ̀̅͆ͥ̓ͤ͆͗̃̽̐̿͗ͭ̉ͬ́ͅa̵̢̢̛͚͙̦̣̙͙͍̪͈̝͂̿̃ͭͦ̅͑ͯ̈́̌ͦͤ̿͑ẉ̸̡̺̮̭̞̹̦̯͕̓ͪ̐̆̓͢͞ t̶͔̝̺̲̱̫̝̦̠͈̬ͨͤ̿ͯ̉͗ͦ̍ͫ̅ͥͯ̈́͘͢͞͝h̶͕̱̥̳̗̐̐̅͋̌̒ͧͥ́͠͝ͅê͐̽ͣ͊ͤͤ̌͛̋ͣ͛͏̞͈͎͈̰̩̝̻̪͍̞͚̣̜͟m̆ͣ̑ͣ̀̈́ͭ̅̎ͬ̓҉̵҉͖̳͓͚̼͔͈̪͖̺ͅͅi͌̃͒̅͋̊̃̀̌ͩ͆̄̃ͮ̆ͬ̊ͧͪ͝҉̵̞̭̘͈̹̙̪͡s̨̻͎̬̬͙ͪͦ̃͐̈́̀͟͠a͗́͒̐̃̾̃̈́̆҉̡̻̻̫̰̯̬̥̗͕w̾̓ͯͥ̓ͣ̆̓̎̽͊̐ͬͬ̓͌͑̏҉̣̟͎̫̺̱̝̤̮̳̺̘͕̫̲̦ͅț̵̥͚̝͎̻̰̜̙̣̝̒͆ͮ̑ͯ̏̒͒ͦ̇ͪ͐̓͆̀̆͛̿̽͠h̩̱͚͙͙̣͚̰̩̭̫̣͖͙̭̝͕͚̅̈́̈ͧͪ̌̋͌͌ͤͪͩ͟͝ȩ̴͇̫̯͉̦̤̗̪͕̻̟̰͆ͫ̄̋͆̀̈ͫͨͦ̓͗̂ͪ͜͡m̵̢̛͖͔͎̟̖̺̱͑͑̌͛̏͌̓̈́͗̉̎͐͗̉ͥ̑ͤ̈͝iͧ͋̀͆͛̇ͩ̋̋͌̇͗̒̏̈͟͝͏͕͔̝̘̰͍̠̺̖̰̣̹͕͖̖̻̥̥ͅŝ̢̢̠̟͖̲̯͙͙̱͍͈̬̻̲͓̱̘̗̋͒̑͝ą̡̬͙͕̜͙̫̩̭̜̟̰̺̤̠̟̖̦̖ͦ̀̄̄̎̌͌͊̓̄ͨ̈́̽̍͗͠ͅw̡ͥ̾ͯ͊ͫ̾̈̎ͭ͒̉͌̾͂̌͢҉͕͇͔̭̤̼͉̱̺͎̳̮̦̺̝̲̗͜t̸̨̛̮̯̝͕̖ͪ̽̀̄̀ͨ͗͐́ͬ̈́̌̈́̓̀h̴̓͗͂ͭ̓́̐҉̣̱̟̤͔̞̭̜̩͚͈̼̺̱̙̬̳̀̕͠ȅ͉̻͇̪̘̗̭̞̌̀̆ͨ̒̍͛ͭ͑ͬ͆ͧ̒ͬ̀̀̚

Hyde Addendum

I was fascinated, the findings defied anything the calculations had accounted for. I would like to see more of how these entities are associated in the field reports, we need to learn the correlation between Subject 57 and the anomalies.


Corruption(Oshoku)-Dark Isaac is a product of Corruption, the ultimate synthesis between Phazon and Dark Matter. Discovered by Master Xehanort and subsequently distributed through the ranks of the Dark Arbiters, this intensely malicious compound grants Dark Isaac a newly bolstered power, making himself and his Arma both a considerable threat to the realm. Like the other Abominations, the full extent of Isaac's new power is not yet known, but he has been theorized to be on a much higher plane than the likes of most Arbiters and Prime Sources as a result. Whether or not Dark Isaac is still under the influence of Tenebris as the Patriarch of these spawns is also as of yet undetermined. Beyond specific changes to his abilities, becoming an Abomination seems to have had little consequence on Isaac's abnormal density or his physical appearance, but Hyde has been described as possessing "a blood-chilling presence" since his metamorphosis.

  • Immunity to Phazon-Dark Isaac is presently immune to Phazon, not unlike his fellow Abominations. Regardless of the concentration, inert Phazon has no effect on Isaac. Although he can neither purge nor destroy said quantities, it is still possible to convert and then consume the Phazon in question, rewriting it into Corruption. Entities exhibiting particularly intense strains of Phazon Sickness are seen to behave aggressively in response to Dark Isaac, possibly implying a natural animosity for the two sources of energy. Although inert Phazon has no effect, concentrated blasts from a Carrier or a Prime Source are still capable of harming Isaac, though he still possesses resistance against attacks such as these. Finally Isaac has a newfound durability towards Light Energy, the substance previously known for being a cure all against the more vile powers that had infected the realm. Smaller amounts of this energy will prove ineffective against him.
  • Corruption Manifestation-Dark Isaac can generate Corruption from his own internal reservoirs, giving it material form. This ability in particular manifests as noxious gas secreted from his mucous membranes, a highly volatile vapor with a greater density than air, causing it to pool on even surfaces and disperse outwards. If Isaac is enraged or otherwise focused very intensely, this gas will instead undergo rapid temperature increase coupled with a starkly lowered density. While it is super-heated the vapor in question drifts further from the point of release, inflicting burns on exposed skin at the upper limit of it's temperature. Although noxious and toxic to inhale, the corrupting influence is capable of spreading to inanimate entities as well as organics, leaving speculation as to the medium of exchange for corrupt energy.
  • Regeneration-Dark Isaac repairs his body on a cellular level, a commonplace trait among his superhuman counterparts. His own regenerative faculties are on par with that of the majority, a sturdy average so to speak. Corruption inside his body induces rapid growth to compensate for damaged tissues and cells whenever necessary, continuing to mend his body independent of any conscious effort, until it is either exhausted or the wound is fully mended. Dark Isaac can replenish his 'stamina' for this ability like most other Heroes, by simply waiting a sufficient length of time, less so if his wounds are all fully healed by the time it has expended.

Swordsmanship-Dark Isaac possesses prowess with a blade, favoring a 'hand an a half' method with his bastard sword. In battle he favors intense, fluid swings, utilizing his supernatural density and resilient anatomy to pair up multiple fluid attacks in sequence. The object for the Abomination is to cleave into his enemy no matter the defense, one successful blow often followed by a second and third as the opponent is left unable to right themselves without an equally ironclad footing. Isaac's considerable height also grants him the advantage of reach in most conflicts, Iconoclast measuring nearly a foot longer than most keyblades, barring the likes of Terra and Bastion. After becoming an Arbiter and Abomination both his style relied on drenching the blade in energy prior to attempting his swings, leaving the weapon too lofty for faster attacks. Despite this Isaac would still readily cleave through mithral plating given the afforded opportunity, possessing a peerless form of direct offense among his peers.

  • Keyblade Wielding-Dark Isaac stole Bastion's Keyblade moments after butchering the Abomination, allowing him to grasp the weapon despite it's owners death. This demonstrates a powerful will in itself, although Isaac is presumably less skilled with the weapon given his total lack of hands on experience in battle.

Trivia Edit

  • Dark Isaac is the tallest Isaac at present, dwarfing his identical counterparts by 7 inches and Isabella by 16 inches.
  • Dark Isaac was the only member of AEGIS to have no true magical affinity, though he often referred to himself as more of an "associate".
  • Dark Isaac was initially developed under the premise of a berserker, wielding a full blade in combat. The idea was ultimately scrapped in favor of a more conservative weapon, wanting to avoid too many similarities to titular characters such as Cloud Strife of the Final Fantasy Series and Zabuza Momochi of Naruto.
  • Despite the former tidbit, Dark Isaac retained Phantom Blood in his roster of attacks, meant to be a nod to the Missing-nin from Naruto and his sinister ability. The attack named for the first Season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Dark Isaac was introduced as a recreational tobacco user, making him the first major character to be seen using cigarettes in that time period.
  • Dark Isaac is the only character to develop an immunity to Elizabeth's Stone Eyes Magic, initially being as susceptible to the curse as anyone else. This comes as something of a comfort to the former, her eyes generating much of the wizard's self consciousness.
  • These two characters are the current ranking pair at #1 on Mirabelle's Shipping Chart.
  • Dark Isaac is a very talent artist, often sketching in his free time as a means of relaxation. His drawings would later tend to include Elizabeth, and the Abomination continued to make drawings after her death as a means of coping with his waning sanity living with Hyde.